About us


Emax Air has been participating on the tendering and development processes of different sized projects throughout NSW, becoming a stable service supplier of some Australia’s largest HVAC companies.

Before, Emax Air was established, one of its founders and experts in Duct Installation Jairo Arrieta headed different projects, creating a bridge for a good star-up with AJ Air Conditioning Installation Pty Ltd in April 2012.They added Emax Air Group in December 2015, developing a reputation for its on time and accurate service.

Our duct Installation follows the complete process, ensuring that all parts are at the highest quality and the best appearance, maintaining Australian Standards. We also offer an affordable ductwork for the project; we order and delivery, following the schedule of your project, making every possible effort to comply with those everyday challenges during the process of installation.


How We Work

-We customize strategies before, during and after the installation following Australian Standards.

-We prepare, organize and schedule all the tools, materials and workers to comply with the time frame of each project and client request.

-We search and apply practical ideas to solve every day challenges at work.

-We are working to improve the communication with every single person involved in each project, using online technologies as a great tool, maintaining records, schedules, requests and suggestions from our clients.


Our Team

EMAX AIR offers an expert team of People capable of give you a right hand in the installation, or Refurbishment of Commercial, domestic, Retail and Industrial Air Conditioning, to finish your projects on time and on your budget.



Our on-time and accurate service, allowing our clients to align their business with Emax Air services.

  • Free Quotation over drawings
  • Duct Work Installations (oval, spiral, square)
  • Water Source Packaged Units Installations
  • AHU Installations
  • Ductwork supply
  • Hire workers.

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